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Временная приостановка работы

24.02.2022  08:00

Уважаемые клиенты и партнеры!

В связи с ситуацией на территории Украины и закрытием границ, мы вынуждены временно приостановить работу нашей компании.

С уважением, администрация ООО "КАРГО ЭКСПРЕСС ЛТД"

About us

Cargo Express Ltd provides the services for express-delivery of shipments, delivery of parcels, packages, envelopes and other types of correspondence and cargoes to any destination in the world including Ukraine and CIS.

Cargo Express Ltd offers the effective complex solutions for moving shipments which meet our clients’ expectations providing the exchange of cargoes between industrial and commercial enterprises.  The company in itself presents an effective system which enables the constant development and successful realization of new transportation schemes.

Cargo Express Ltd aimed at resolving transport problems as regards the delivery of goods and logistics. We aspired to reduce transit time, to withhold the growth of tariffs, to improve the old logistical routes and to develop the new ones.

Cargo Express Ltd it is your reliable and permanent partner which guarantees the high level of quality of the services offered.