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Временная приостановка работы

24.02.2022  08:00

Уважаемые клиенты и партнеры!

В связи с ситуацией на территории Украины и закрытием границ, мы вынуждены временно приостановить работу нашей компании.

С уважением, администрация ООО "КАРГО ЭКСПРЕСС ЛТД"

We offer You the following services:

Delivery within the country

  • Express delivery services
  • Economy  delivery services
  • Personal delivery 
  • Packing and storaging in our warehouses
  • Different ways of delivery from sender to receiver, from an agent - to an agent, from the sender - to the agent, from warehouse - to warehouse, «door-to-door», from door - to warehouse, etc.
  • Tracking the delivery on our official web-site: www.ukrcargo.com
  • Notification of receipt with the date, time and signature of the recipient
  • Delivery of flowers, greetings, gifts, etc.
  • Insurance of shipments.

International Delivery

  • Express delivery  of the correspondence within Ukraine, CIS and  all over the world
  • Express delivery of the parcels and cargo within Ukraine, CIS and  all over the world
  • Delivery  from different cities of Ukraine, CIS and some countries of the world to the customer’s city.